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Dritz Soft Sculpture Doll Needles Size 3"
by Dritz
$2.39 $1.72
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Long needles with long eyes for doll-making, soft sculpture, upholstery and other crafts. 6 per package.
Dritz Doll Needles Size 2.5" To 3.75"
by Dritz
$3.59 $2.52
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Extra-long needles with long eyes for doll making, soft sculpture and other crafts Use with yarn or heavy thread. 5 per package.
Dritz Leather Hand Needles Size 3/7
by Dritz
$2.49 Sale $1.99
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DRITZ-Glovers/Leather Hand Needles. These sharp triangular pointed needles are used for piercing leather, vinyl, or plastic. Package contains (3) size 3/7 Leather Hand Needles.
Ball Point Hand Needles - Size 5/10
by Dritz
$2.79 $2.61
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These ball point size 5/10 needles are used on stretch and knit fabrics. Instead of a sharp point which may pierce the fabric, the rounded end pushes the knit loops apart. Includes 10 per package.