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I222070 Added August 14th
I-Stik Permanent Adhesive Sheets
by i-crafter
$14.99 $14.04  
Permanent adhesive sheets from I-crafter. 6"x6" each, 6 per package.
DUCK-015117 Added July 26th
Duck Removable Mounting Putty - 2oz
by Duck
$2.10 $1.99  
Poster putty is the safe and easy alternative to nails, glue, and staples! Ideal for lists, posters, drawing and more.

This putty will hold up to 1 pound, does not try out, and adheres to most clean, dry, porous and non-porous surfaces like: wood, tile, cinderblock, plastic, glass and mirrors.
UHU-996838 Added July 26th
UHU Tac Removable Mounting Putty - 2.1oz
by UHU Tac
$3.85 $3.79  
This reusable putty adheres instantly to just about any surface: paper, wood, tile, glass, metal, plastic, cinderblock and more!

Easy-to-use alternative to tap, nails, tacks or staples. This package includes 2.12 ounces of adhesive putty: approximately 80 tabs.
ALE-331885 Added July 26th
Aleene's Instant Tacky Craft Mounting Putty - 1.75oz
by Aleene's
$3.00 $2.65  
This easy to use, lightweight putty provides a strong bond between photos, papers, vellum, cardstock and other lightweight materials! It is acid nontoxic, photo safe and reusable, making it ideal for your scrapbooking and paper craft needs!

Use it to add dimension between layers and when you don't have time to watch glue dry. This package contains 1-3/4 ounces (50 grams) of craft tacks.