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E239 Added June 16th
Rainbow Gallery Entice - #239 - Tomato
by Rainbow Gallery
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Use off the card as is, no need to strand or use a laying tool. Easy to handle. Bright rayon colors braided with matching metallics.

67% Rayon, 33% Polyester
12 Yards Cards
Hand Washable, Test First
Made in USA
OLY-ST20SP-04 Added May 26th
Olympus Sashiko Cotton Thread - Carrot Orange
by Olympus
$2.10 $1.99
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Sashiko threads were originally developed to use for Sashiko stitching. However, recently, they came to be used for quilting, embroidery and knitting as well as Sashiko stitching. Although the most of colors come from Japanese traditional colors, it is said they match quilt works as well. This package contains one 22 yard skein of 100% cotton thread.